Deliverable 7.2 Annual Dissemination Report

This document summarises the dissemination output of TROMPA in its first year. As a large
proportion of the effort has so far been concentrated in planning and infrastructural and other
software development, there has been less opportunity for reporting research and other activities
than there will be over the next two years. This is reflected in the number of accepted conference
papers to be presented later in 2019 (see A.2 Peer-reviewed conferences and workshops).
However, as well as general introductions to TROMPA in the media and elsewhere, there has
been dissemination activity across most of the work-packages, some of which is in the form of
submitted conference papers (papers accepted for future conferences are listed in A.2), and some in
the form of exploratory workshops investigating specific aspects of the project. See the Table of
Contents, below.
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TR-D7.2-Annual Dissemination Report v1
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