This document describes the principles behind the channels of communication within TROMPA, as
well as those with the participant communities and with the general public. The communication
channels described here are exemplary rather than prescriptive, and should not prevent
opportunities for dissemination and public impact which may arise in an unanticipated way during
the course of the project. However, the guidelines herein should be followed wherever possible and
time permits. This document is to be read in conjunction with the Project Handbook (Deliverable 8.1)
and makes frequent reference to the TROMPA Description of Action (DoA). The proposed
communications channels can be summarized into three mail main categories:
❖ Communication channels with the EC.
➢ Communication with the EC will be mainly achieved by the participant portal and by
❖ Communication channels among the consortium: Communication among the consortium
will be achieved by
➢ Internal mailing lists
➢ Trompa calendar including all events (meetings etc)
➢ Shared folders
❖ Communication channels with target audiences: To reach user communities Trompa will
➢ Trompa website
➢ Twitter account
➢ Flyers and other printed dissemination material.
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TR-D8.5-Communication Channels
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