Content owners, such as orchestras, are an important intermediate user
category for digital music resources, and play an important role in developing commercial exploitation
possibilities and growing new audiences for these resources. Both from a technological and business
modeling perspective, we will investigate digitisation, annotation and sharing infrastructure for
privately-governed archive material from orchestras, relating to public-domain musical score
information. While copyrighted material (e.g. full-length audio recordings and commercial score
editions) cannot always be publicly shared, this is possible for derived representations (e.g. content of
conductor annotations, with corresponding score edition bar number and recording timestamp).
Orchestras also can cooperate and co-invest to jointly realise new, reusable public-domain digital
score editions of public-domain pieces which can be connected to their archival media. Being able to
realise such editions in an affordable way will open the way for many innovations in the concert hall
(e.g. automatic syncing of lighting and recording cameras) and outside of it (multi modally enriched
music services as first developed in PHENICX). The RCO will guide this use case with support of VD
and PN, planning professional-quality open digital score editions of three major canonical orchestral
works, and demonstrating how the production of such editions can be made increasingly cost-effective.