This deliverable contains the mid-term evaluation report for the prototypes developed in the context of TROMPA’s five use cases. The deliverable is a continuation of the work reported in all earlier deliverables of WP6, which moved from mock-ups testing (D6.1), through a global planning (D6.2) for five use case specific prototypes, of which the technical status has been documented in D6.3-6.7. Currently, we present the user-facing evaluation results involving these prototypes. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, conducting user studies has turned out more challenging than initially foreseen: user studies and prototype showcases could not be performed in in-person setups, and overall, scheduling under remote conditions has become more uncertain. This required adaptations in the participant recruitment and study setup strategies, as already discussed in D6.3-6.7. As a consequence, with approval of our PO, this deliverable is published 2 months later than originally foreseen. For each of the use cases, we report on the current status, user-facing evaluation outcomes, and future prospects in a standardised reporting structure.