Publications and Events



  • Cynthia Liem and Emilia Gómez will be general chairs, and Julián Urbano will be program
    co-chair, of the 20th anniversary edition of the International Society for Music Information
    Retrieval Conference (ISMIR)
    . November 2019.
  • Cynthia C.S. Liem. Invited speaker at the ‘AI & Creative Industries’ session of the NEM Summit, Zagreb. May 2019.
  • Cynthia C.S. Liem. Verborgen schatten langs de digitale snelweg. Invited talk at VOGIN-IP Lezing (yearly conference for information professionals). March 2019.
  • Vladimir Viro, March 9, 2019. Munich Datageeks Data Day 2019, a 40 minute talk in front of about 400 participants.
  • Vladimir Viro, April 25, 2019. Workshop on intellectual property rights and AI in music. Invited talk at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich.
  • Peachnote @ Karajan Music Tech Conference 2019, April 12th, 2019
  • Peachnote participated in the ORF Opening Gala of the Salzburg Easter Festival, April 11th, 2019.
  • Cynthia C.S. Liem. Verborgen schatten langs de digitale snelweg. Invited talk at ‘Sound of science’ student symposium, Radboud University Nijmegen. February 2019.
  • Cynthia C.S. Liem. Meaningful music in a world of information overload. Invited talk at ‘Omniscient’ student symposium, University of Twente. February 2019.
  • Julián Urbano and Alastair Porter co-organized the 2018 AcousticBrainz Genre Task at the MediaEval multimedia benchmarking workshop on ‘Content-based music genre recognition from
    multiple sources’. October 2018.
  • TROMPA part-sponsored (catering) the 5th International Conference on Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM) at IRCAM, Paris, September 2018, a satellite event of ISMIR 2018, which was attended by 70 librarians, musicologists and information scientists
  • Julián Urbano co-organized a tutorial on statistical evaluation in Music Information Retrieval
    at the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR). September 2018 [slides]
  • David M. Weigl. TROMPA invited presentation and panel discussion @ First International Workshop on Multilayer Music Representation and Processing, University of Milan. 25th January 2019.
  • David M. Weigl & Werner Goebl. “Large-scale interlinking of musical score encodings and audiovisual materials”. International Conference MUSIC // MEDIA // HISTORY: Re-thinking Musicology in an Age of Digital Media. Vienna, Austria. Invited talk. 16th March 2019.
  • David M. Weigl. MEI and Linked Data in the TROMPA project. Wissenschaftsseminar (scientific seminar) at mdw, Vienna, Austria. Invited talk. 9th April 2019.
  • Werner Goebl & David M. Weigl. Projektvorstellung: TROMPA (Project presentation). Musikalische Interpretation bei Herbert von Karajan, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. Invited talk to a specialised Karajan symposium. 30 April 2019.
  • David M. Weigl co-organised a tutorial on Linked Data and Music Encodings at the Music Encoding Conference (MEC). May 2019. [slides]
  • David M. Weigl organised and presented TROMPA at the Workshop on Requirements, Use Cases, and User Studies in Digital Music Libraries and Archives (RUCUS 2019) at the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA. June 2019.