TROMPA Music Scholars workshop 5 April 2019

Tim Crawford organised the first of three planned annual TROMPA workshops for music scholars at the British Library, London, April 5, 2019, facilitated by TROMPA Associate Partner, Richard Ranft (British Library National Sound Archive).

The workshop was attended by about 20 enthusiastic participants, including several members of the BL staff.

Speakers and their topics were as follows:

  • Cynthia Liem, ‘TROMPA and Digital Musicology’
  • Tim Crawford, ‘Full-text search in the Early Music Online resource’
  • David Weigl, ‘MEI and Linked Data in the TROMPA project’
  • Keynote talk: Emmanouil Benetos, ‘Music Informatics & Computational Musicology: A case study in automatic music transcription’
  • Jamie Forth, ‘Playability of tablature: analysing data from the Learn To Play project’
  • Ryaan Ahmed, ‘A new module for importing tablatures into Music21’

Our plan is to hold annual TROMPA workshops for Music Scholars, and we expect them to focus increasingly on the exciting tools and resources being built within the project. Each time, however, we will invite contributors from outside TROMPA to share their experiences and to learn more about what we have done.