Our community continues to grow and for the completion of our project we launched the third and final music notation contest.

  • Although we try to analyze our emotional perception of music, we can also use technology to induce our perception. Thus, we want to study how these mechanisms work to implement new technologies and applications.

  • Participants will be able to write down sensations daily and will receive recommendations based on their annotations, this time, the musical list is made up of music from Latin America.

To participate:

  • You must login in our platform using a Google account (all notifications will be sent to this account). Once you've registered, you can Annotate music!.

  • You must complete at least one of the Music of Latin America campaigns. Remember that you will need to complete the Tutorial in order to access the rest of the campaigns.

  • For your participation in the musical annotation, you will receive musical recommendations based on your annotations.

This contest is coordinated by the research groups MTG-TIDE from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), in the context of the research project TROMPA. In case of questions or doubts, please contact us through the e-mail trompaenthusiasts@upf.edu.