Call for partecipation: Survey "Diversity in Electronic Music"

In the frame of the TROMPA project, the Music Information Research Lab of the MTG is conducting a study on the impact of music recommendation algorithms, particularly on diversity/variety of the listening experience.

It takes 25-35 minutes to complete the survey, depending on your familiarity with electronic music, and at the end of the survey you get a playlist with all the tracks that are used during the survey. Please follow the instructions carefully to guarantee your comprehension, correctness, and overall enjoyment!

First Annual TROMPA workshop for Music Scholars

5 April 2019 A free workshop at the British Library in London for anyone interested in using digital tools to explore classical music. Keynote speaker Emmanouil Benetos, plus presentations from the TROMPA Music Scholars team. A foretaste of the tools we are designing and a chance to offer your own suggestions for TROMPA's development over the next two years.