5 April 2019

London, British Library, Foyle Suite, 10:30 – 16:30

An important community served by TROMPA is that of ‘music scholars’– in fact anyone who might wish to take advantage of some of the latest developments in digital music research. They may be professional musicologists, teachers or students, but could also include non-professionals with interests and/or expertise in some field of classical music, such as early music or opera, for example.

This is the first in a series of three workshops during TROMPA (2018 to 2021), which offer a window for music scholars onto the project and the web-based methods it is developing. It offers a foretaste of the tools we are designing specifically for music scholars and explains some of the innovations making them possible. It will give the audience a chance to offer their own suggestions for our next year of development.

Our guest keynote speaker for the workshop is Emmanouil Benetos (Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and the Turing Institute), who works on automatic transcription of music from audio and its application to musicology. Other speakers, from the TROMPA project, are: Cynthia Liem (Delft, joint Principal Investigator), Tim Crawford (Goldsmiths, UK PI), Jamie Forth (Goldsmiths), Ryaan Ahmed (MIT and Goldsmiths), and David Weigl (Vienna).

The workshop, with refreshments provided, is free, but space is limited. To reserve a place all participants need to register at least a week before (i.e. before March 30) by contacting Tim Crawford directly by email (please put “TROMPA Workshop” in the Subject line):   t.crawford@gold.ac.uk

Made possible with the help of TROMPA Associate Partner, the British Library Sound Archive