Cynthia Liem invited speaker at Karajan Music Tech conference

On April 3, 2020, Cynthia Liem was an invited speaker at the Karajan Music Tech conference, which this year took place as a virtual conference. She presented her personal motivations as a musician and computer scientist, and how this has connected to the international music digitization projects she has been involved in: first the PHENICX project, and currently TROMPA. Choose 'Read More' to see the YouTube video, as well as a link to slides and a form to indicate your interest in our project!

Music Content in the Public-domain in a Period of Confinement

The TROMPA project has as a main goal the enrichment of music public-domain archives. In these difficult days of confinement, some musical institutions are opening their music archives to facilitate remote access, from home, to their music spectacles. The TROMPA project consortium has made a compilation of these initiatives to provide recognition and contribute to their visibility. 

We hope you will enjoy! 

The TROMPA team 

TROMPA pilot for Music Enthusiasts will be available soon!

During the last six months, we've focused on refining the requirements and goals of the pilot to attract more contributors. We've done multiple workshops to evaluate the usability and users' perception of different demos.These workshops allowed us to refine the workflow of the application, and to include new features to engage users.

The TROMPA pilot for singers, about to be ready for choirs

In the TROMPA Choir singers use case, we are using multi-lingual singing voice synthesis to support individual choir singers rehearsal. During the first two years of the project, we have identified the users requirements, developed a working prototype and improved the synthesis models. Now, we are almost ready to start sharing our tools with choir singers! But, how did we get here?

Key software components published after 2-day technical meetup

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Videodock hosted a two day meetup (20-21 Jan 20) for all TROMPA developers and developing partners to demonstrate, discuss and decide on the most recent versions of the TROMPA software components.
Videodock presented the latest version of the TROMPA Multi-modal component, a toolkit that handles search and retrieval of data from the Contribution Environment to other applications. This enable user-facing applications to tap into the rich data that is stored within the shared Contributing Environment.

TROMPA at winterLAB, meeting on community and the critical use of technology

winterLAB is a program of presentations, round tables and workshops organized by Laboral, an art and industrial creation center in Gijón (Spain). The event is aimed at exchanging community work experiences that foster the creative use of technology and bring the new media for creation and production closer to the public.

TROMPA @ Workshop-Symposium in Methods for Music and Emotion

The Workshop-Symposium on Methods in Music and Emotion took place on the 14th of September 2019 at St. Chad’s College, Durham University, United Kingdom. Participants gave presentations focusing on research methodology deployed in experiments on the topic of music and emotion, with a primary interest in cross-cultural applications. Juan Sebastián Gómez Cañón (UPF) presented his work on emotion annotation analysis done in collaboration with Emilia Gómez (UPF/JRC), Perfecto Herrera (UPF), and Estefanía Cano (A*STAR).

TROMPA at RecSys 2019

The ACM Recommender Systems conference (RecSys) is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems. As RecSys brings together the main international research groups working on recommender systems, along with many of the world’s leading e-commerce companies, it has become the most important annual conference for the presentation and discussion of recommender systems research.