• The pilot of the TROMPA project aimed at choral practice has been well received by people who have tested it, according to a series of tests carried out.

  • The people who have tested the pilot have contributed with ideas and proposals to improve various functionalities of the application that will be incorporated shortly.

    The first version of the application for choir singers of the TROMPA research project has been evaluated by a small group of singers, with the aim of obtaining an assessment of the pilot's functionalities, suggest possible improvements and incorporate new features proposed by users.

    The general assessment of the use of the pilot by users is very positive, highlighting the visualization and functionalities of synthetic voices. The quality of the synthesis and the functionality of the automatic analysis of the voice also receive a positive evaluation, although the participants have identified possible ideas for improvement in aspects such as the correction in the pronunciation of some phonemes or the improvement of some problems in the recording and analysis.

    Users have commented the importance of page breaks in the display of the musical score; the usefulness of saving the recordings of the own voice so that the user can assess the evolution or individual improvement; and some aspects of learning support, such as the possibility of modifying the tempo of the musical piece, an element that is already considered in future updates of the application, among other aspects.

    The profile of users who have carried out the pilot test tasks is: 72.7% women; 84.2% have used a computer - the pilot also works on a tablet -; age range between 46 and 60 years; all participants declare more than 3 years of experience in choral singing and more than half declare between 20 and 35 years of experience singing in a choir.

    With respect to parts, 42.1% of sopranos, 31.6% of altos, 15.8% of basses and 10.5% of tenors have participated. And in relation to musical experience, 31.6% have no musical training, 57.9% have some musical knowledge and 10.5% consider themselves experts.

    The TROMPA team wants to thank the work done by the people who have used the application, values ​​the work done as very useful and useful to continue implementing improvements in the pilot and in the next version, including some of the proposals of the people participating in the study. , as well as new features for directors. The next phase of the project intends that between 3 and 5 choirs incorporate the TROMPA pilot for the individual learning of each singer, offering them the possibility of having their own repertoire in the application from the autumn.

    If you are part of a choir and you are interested in participating in our project, you can send us an email to trompachoir@upf.edu.